you know my coffee order
driver picks the music
“It's no wonder that you're underneath my skin. I haven't let you out since I let you in.” - Darren Criss, 'Sophomore'.



if thats not punk i dont know what is


if thats not punk i dont know what is

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"We’ll never forget the first time we saw Darren’s character Blaine sing the opening lines of the song. We were at our apartment with all of our family and friends, and in that one moment, millions of people were hearing those words … he’s one of the sweetest and most humble humans we’ve met." — A Great Big World on Glee’s cover of “This Is The New Year”. (

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I wonder if he knows the script is visible




does the man call ahead to find out what colour the carpet’s gonna be so he can match his sunglasses?

#no the people planning the event call Darren to see what colour sunglasses he’s wearing so they can match the carpet

I believe this is a thing that happens.

I’ve never seen a more accurate representation of my life.

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